Oleo Ranch
Still some dates in August and September!


2-Bedroom Cabin – Alabama, Aspens, Willows , Cebolla- 4 Night Minimum
Sleeps 4 – $190 per night

2-Bedroom Cabin with Loft – Loft, Rambouillet- 5 Night Minimum
Sleeps 6 – $210 per night

4-Bedroom Cabin – La Garita- Night Minimum
Sleeps 12 – $335 per night

Alabama, Aspens, Cebolla, and Willows will have a $50 cleaning fee per stay.
Loft and Rambouillet will have a $60 cleaning fee per stay.
La Garita will have a $70 cleaning fee per stay.

A 9.9% hotel tax will be added to nightly rate

Email to:  info@oleoranch.com, cabin and nights requested.  A return email will be sent with deposit instructions and an attachment with Oleo Policies for 2021.  Confirmation that Oleo Policies are agreed upon and deposit must be received in 10 business days to confirm reservation.  Deposit refundable only on 30 days notice prior to arrival. If we can re-rent, a refund will be made. Check-in: 3:00 pm, Checkout: 10:00 am.

Full payment is due 30 days prior to reservation date.  Mail check to Oleo Ranch, 14546 Brook Hollow Blvd., PMB 336 San Antonio Tx 78232 . Guests are responsible for payment of all nights reserved, regardless of actual arrival or departure dates. We accept cash, personal checks, and travelers checks.

For Reservations & Information

Reservations: (210) 545-2181


Your reservation is for the________________________________cabin or cabins, for the nights of _____________________.  The maximum occupancy for the Aspens, Alabama, Cebolla, and Willows is 4, Rambouillet and Loft is 6, LaGarita 12.  Exceeding the maximum occupancy will not be allowed without permission at time of initial rental.

GENERAL USE OF CABIN:  Cabins are intended for the use of the renter up to the maximum number of people as described above, who are actually sleeping, eating, and generally staying in the cabins.  Others who are staying off of Oleo Property, are not allowed to shower, cook, consume their meals, etc., as part of the rental.  Visitors are certainly allowed, just notify management. No subletting rentals.

DEPOSIT: Reservations are not confirmed until a prepaid minimum deposit in made for the amount indicated on your return reservation request email.  Deposit must be received within 10 business days of the returned email.  Final payment is due 30 calendar days prior to the arrival date of your reservation.

CANCELLATIONS:  Cancellations received 30 days or less, prior to the arrival date, will be responsible for the entire rental amount unless the cabin is rented to another party.  If all of the dates can be re-rented, you will receive a full refund.

CHECK IN/OUT TIME:  Check in time is after 3 pm.  Check out time is before 10 am.  On certain days/times of the summer the cleaning crew is very busy.  They do their level best to have every cabin ready by 3 pm.  So, the check in time is not carved in stone.  There are no refunds if your cabin is not ready by 3 pm.  If you arrive early you are welcome to fish or walk around the property, just will not be able to go to cabin or unload suitcases etc. at cabin.

CLEANING:  The small fee we charge for cleaning is an attempt to recover our costs for linens, pots, pans, cleaning supplies etc.  By leaving the cabin in a reasonable condition, it allows us to keep these fees at the lowest rate possible.

SMOKING:  All cabins are non-smoking.  You may smoke outdoors, please safely dispose of and distinguish smoking material.

OUTDOOR FIRES:  Not allowed.

DISCHARGE OF FIREARMS:  Not allowed on Oleo Property


  • $20 per dog, per night, with a $200 damage deposit per dog, at time of check-in. Deposit check will be destroyed after cabin is cleaned, if no damage occurs.
  • Limit of 2 dogs per cabin. Dogs over 75 lbs. must have approval of management at time of reservation. You must bring a plastic or metal dog kennel for your dog when you are away from cabin.  Pets must ALWAYS be secured inside the kennel when the cabin is unoccupied.
  • If your dog is one that barks at anything that moves, flies or walks, they will not be accepted.
  • Dogs must be kept under control at all times. When your dog is around others, it is expected to be on a leash.  If management asks you to have your dog on a leash, it is expected for you to do so promptly.  We have extra leashes on site at the managers cabin.
  • Dispose of dog poop properly.
  • Renter is expected to clean cabin of all dog hair before leaving.
  • When registering at check in, the pet owner agrees to abide by the Oleo Ranch Pet Policy. You are responsible for any damage or injury caused by your pet and must absolve Oleo Limited of any liability resulting from your pets actions.


  • A growing number of people are now bringing their horses with them. You are very welcome to bring your horse and there is NO CHARGE for using our facilities. You will be asked to sign an agreement that legally binds you to the following:
  • Your horse is welcome here if she or he is healthy and well mannered. No stallions or mare/foal pairs. Horses from out of state must have proof of a negative Coggins and a Health Certificate within the last six months.
  • Remember that we have other guests here, some of whom are small children, some of whom sometimes find their way down to the corrals without parental supervision. Oleo Ranch cannot be liable for the behavior of guest children, nor can we be liable for the behavior of your animals. There may be legal and liability issues if a guest child interacts with your horse and is injured.
  • We provide an open corral with fresh water, you are responsible for feed, hay, and all your horses care and tacking.
  • The adaptation to 10,500 feet elevation takes some humans by surprise, some horses too! If your horse is not in good physical condition, he or she may not be able to carry you on the trail without risking exhaustion or colic.
  • Don’t forget sun block or zinc oxide if your horse is white skinned.
  • There may be other guest horses and/or dogs here at the same time yours are here. The ranch cannot take any responsibility or liability for any negative experiences suffered by your horse because of other guest horses and/or dogs on the ranch.
    The ranch cannot be liable for any injury or illness that your horse sustains while here.
  • We are not veterinarians. We cannot treat your horse if she or he is injured or becomes ill. We can refer you to our local veterinarian Doc Howard, Creede Animal Clinic, 24251 Highway 149, Creede, CO 81130, 719 658 2614.

Rv’S, Trailers, ATV’s:

  • RV’s of any kind and trailers are not allowed at cabins for any reason. RV’s can only be parked at barn area and NOT USED AS SLEEPING QUARTERS FOR GUESTS OR VISITORS.  The manager will designate the parking area.
  • Horse trailers will be parked in area designated by manager. Trailers with sleeping quarters are not allowed to be used as such.
  • ATV’s, are not to be unloaded from trailers on Oleo Property. We do not allow them to be ridden on Oleo Property.  You are welcome to bring them and ride the many miles of trails in the area, but must trailer them to your unloading designation.  No parking of ATV’s on road that goes through Oleo Property.


Just a Note!    

When we started renting cabins, we had no rental agreement.  As time passed and things happened the rental agreement got started and continues to grow.  We make every effort to keep things as simple as possible.  Unfortunately, some things need to be spelled out and so the rental agreement is necessary.  There is no substitute for COMMON SENSE!  So even if something is not detailed here, if you have doubts, please ask.

Oleo is a very special place and has been enjoyed for many years by a lot of very special people.  We hope this effort will again allow those that enjoy the mountains surrounding Oleo to again look forward to enjoying their summer getaway at Oleo!