Oleo Ranch
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Trail Riding

Trail Riding / Bring Your Own Horses / Free Boarding

A growing number of people are now bringing their horses with them. You are very welcome to bring your horse and there is NO CHARGE for using our facilities. You will be asked to sign an agreement that legally binds you to the following:

Your horse is welcome here if she or he is healthy and well mannered. No stallions or mare/foal pairs. Horses from out of state must have proof of a negative Coggins and a Health Certificate within the last six months.

Remember that we have other guests here, some of whom are small children, some of whom sometimes find their way down to the corrals without parental supervision. Oleo Ranch cannot be liable for the behavior of guest children, nor can we be liable for the behavior of your animals. There may be legal and liability issues if a guest child interacts with your horse and is injured.

We provide an open corral with fresh water, you are responsible for feed, hay, and all your horses care and tacking.

The adaptation to 10,500 feet elevation takes some humans by surprise, some horses too! If your horse is not in good physical condition, he or she may not be able to carry you on the trail without risking exhaustion or colic.

Don’t forget sun block or zinc oxide if your horse is white skinned.

There may be other guest horses and/or dogs here at the same time yours are here. The ranch cannot take any responsibility or liability for any negative experiences suffered by your horse because of other guest horses and/or dogs on the ranch.
The ranch cannot be liable for any injury or illness that your horse sustains while here.

We are not veterinarians. We cannot treat your horse if she or he is injured or becomes ill. We can refer you to our local veterinarian Doc Howard, Creede Animal Clinic, 24251 Highway 149, Creede, CO 81130, 719 658 2614.