Oleo Ranch
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Frequently Asked Questions

Location: Oleo is located off of Highway 149 north of Creede between mile marker 56 and 57. The entrance will be before the start of Slumgullion Pass and Rambouillet Creek. As you turn in you will need to drive a mile or so before you will see the ranch.  You will see the Oleo Ranch sign from the highway.

Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/5OZLG

Miles From
Lake City, CO – 17
Creede, CO – 36
Gunnison, CO – 72
Denver, CO – 272
Albuquerque, NM – 303

Weather: Average temps are around 70 day and 30 at night. Short rain storms can roll in almost every day, but it is usually just a quick storm

Altitude: Oleo is at 10,500 feet. It may take a day to get acclimated to the altitude. Try to drink plenty of water before coming up and continue when at the ranch. Also water boils at a lower temperature at this altitude compared to sea level. This can alter cooking times for some dishes (pasta)

Electricity: There is no electricity at the ranch. Everything runs off of propane. Each cabin has a full stove with 4 cook top burners, a refrigerator (not full size), and hot water

Water: The water for the ranch comes directly from a mountain spring and is tested each year

Hot water: Each cabin has a standard water heater, just like you find in most homes

TV/Internet/Cell Phones: None of these items can work off of propane (thankfully) so no to all

Generators: we do not allow generators to be run at any time. This is to keep the noise down

Lights: The lights work off of propane and are turned on by a lever and using a match. Very simple operation. If you plan on reading at night you should bring a book light

Heater: There is a wall heater in each cabin, but the cabins retain heat well and you may not need the heater

Kitchen: The kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, and full size sink

Utensils, pots/pans, glasses and dishes: Each cabin has everything you need. You may want to bring some sturdy paper plates as it is all hand washing/drying

Bathroom: The bathrooms have walk in showers, sink and a toilet

Bath and dish towels, paper towels, and toilet paper: all are provided

Cleaning supplies: dishwashing soap, garbage bags are provided

Coffee: Coffee is brewed using a percolator. If you are not familiar with this type of brewing please see the links below:

* Percolator overview: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee_percolator
* How to brew: http://www.howtobrewcoffee.com/percolator.htm

Fireplace and wood: each cabin has a fireplace and there will be wood provided on your deck. If splitting is needed, each cabin will have an ax and chopping block

Dogs: Dogs are allowed but we have specific rules.  Please see Rates tab for more information

Horses: Trail Riding / Bring Your Own Horses / Free Boarding.  You are welcome to bring your own horse and there is NO Charge to use our corrals.

  • Your horse must be well mannered and healthy.  Horses from out of state must have proof of a negative Coggins and a Health Cert within last 6 months.  Remember that we have other guests here, some of whom are small children, some of whom sometimes find their way down to the corrals without parental supervision. Oleo Ranch cannot be liable for the behavior of guest children, nor can we be liable for the behavior of your animals. There may be legal and liability issues if a guest child interacts with your horse and is injured.  We provide an open corral with fresh water, you are responsible for feed, hay, and all your horses care and tacking.  The adaptation to 10,500 feet elevation takes some humans by surprise, some horses too! If your horse is not in good physical condition, he or she may not be able to carry you on the trail without risking exhaustion or colic.  Don’t forget sun block or zinc oxide if your horse is white skinned.  We are not veterinarians. We cannot treat your horse if she or he is injured or becomes ill. We can refer you to our local veterinarian Doc Howard, Creede Animal Clinic, 24251 Highway 149, Creede, CO 81130, 719 658 2614.

Food: You will need to bring in all your food. Access to the nearest grocery stores is Lake City (17 miles) and Creede (36 miles). There is a small store at Freemons Ranch (over Spring Creek pass on the way to Creede) as well, but not a large selection.

Grocery stores: Alamosa will have a couple large grocery stores with good prices. Also pick up your beer, wine and liquor there. If not, Creede will have a grocery store, but higher prices and a more limited choice. Lake City has a grocery store as well, but with the same situation as Creede

Grills: Each cabin has a gas grill on the deck

How does food stay cool: There is a fridge in each cabin, but it is smaller than normal. If your stay is only a couple days you will be just fine. If you have a big party and staying longer, then we suggest bringing in some coolers and ice. The ice will stay frozen if the coolers are kept outside

Suggested food items (stuff you may not think about while the temps are in the 100’s where you are): hot chocolate mix (marshmallows)

Good Meals: Pretty much everything will taste good up there, but here are a few suggestions that always seem to work well
Breakfast – eggs, sausage, blueberry pancakes, cereal, etc.
Lunch – sandwiches, etc.
Dinner – steaks, grilled chicken, spaghetti, baked potatoes, chili, corn bread, etc.  Food taste pretty darn good up there so plenty of options.

Suggested Clothes: normal cool weather clothes. Bring some rain gear as well.  It can get very cold in evenings and will be in morning.  Expect 30’s even in July.  Bring some mud boots if you plan to fly fish in river.

Other suggested items: batteries, flash light, binoculars, camera, lightweight fishing gear, sunscreen, lip balm, books and magazines.  Without the internet it is possible to finish a book so bring that one you been planning on reading for some time now.

Fishing on the Ranch: There are 5 ponds on the ranch that will provide great fishing by either using a fly rod or a basic rod/reel set up. There is a worm farm by the old corral next to the Willows cabin, if you choose to use a hook. We urge “catch and release” but keeping a few for dinner is always ok. Fly or spin fishing is also available in the small Cebolla Creek that runs through the ranch. Many streams and lakes are in the area nearby as well.

Area attractions: For area things to do, scenic drives, outdoor recreation, and much more info about the Lake City area please see the Lake City Switchback website at –http://www.lakecityswitchbacks.com

ATV’s: We do not allow ATV’s to be driven on the ranch property. You can park your trailer in the barn area, and trailer them to the many trailheads in the area. Be sure and get the required permit by the state of Colorado.

Great Websites for area info:

Oleo Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Oleo-Ranch-132190976807206/

Lake City Chamber of Commerce – https://www.lakecity.com/

Got a question?  We want your stay to be as enjoyable as possible so please do not hesitate to ask us anything.