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We Welcome Continental Divide Trail Hikers!

Open for bookings for the 2023 season!

Thrilled to share all of our new renovations!


There are 5 ponds on the ranch that provide great fishing using a fly rod or a basic rod/reel set up. If you choose to use a hook, a worm farm can be found by the old corral next to the Willows cabin. We urge you to “catch and release” but keeping a few for dinner is always ok. Fly or spin fishing is also available in the Cebolla Creek that runs through the ranch. You will also find many streams and lakes in the area nearby, among them the Rio Grande. For the adventurer, Dan’s Fly Shop in Lake City has guided trips available. Guided float trips can be booked through Duranglers in Durango.


There are hundreds of trails in the area, and we would be happy to point you in a fun direction. Right behind your cabin, you will find the old stagecoach road from the late 1800’s, which offers a close and peaceful walk with the chance of seeing abundant wildlife. Miles and miles of local trails encourage all levels to get out on the mountain. If you see a hiker at the Spring Creek Pass campground, chances are they have been on the Colorado Trail. It is 440 miles long and runs from Denver to Durango. Occasionally there are hikers that are on the Continental Divide Trail which runs from Canada to Mexico.

Wildlife Viewing

At Oleo, you will find yourself in the great and grand outdoors. Mule deer, chipmunks, squirrels, birds, marmots and even moose are common at the ranch. If you get lucky, you may see an elk, big horn sheep, or a bear. A popular area for seeing elk in the evening is the highway below Spring Creek Pass for about 7 miles. Remember to never feed or engage with the wildlife. Do not approach them. Take pictures from afar. Please do not leave bags of trash on your porch as this may attract wildlife and generate dangerous encounters.

Trail Riding

A growing number of people are now bringing their horses with them. You are very welcome to bring your horse and there is no charge for using our facilities. You will be asked to sign an agreement that legally binds you to the following:

  • Your horse is welcome here if she or he is healthy and well mannered.
  • No stallions or mare/foal pairs.
  • Horses from out of state must have proof of a negative Coggins and a Health Certificate within the last six months.

We provide an open corral with fresh water. You will be responsible for feed, hay, and all your horse’s caretaking. The adaptation to 10,500 feet elevation takes some humans by surprise, some horses too! If your horse is not in good physical condition, he or she may not be able to carry you on the trail without risking exhaustion or colic. Don’t forget sun block or zinc oxide if your horse is white skinned.


Numerous lakes, falls, old mining towns, and high mountain peaks are near Oleo Ranch. Most can be reached in a 2-wheel drive vehicle. Four-wheel drive vehicles take your experience to the next level with hundreds of miles of roads available. A popular day trio is the Alpine Loop, which goes from Lake City to Silverton to Ouray, and back to Lake City. Near Alamosa, CO you will find the unique Great Sand Dunes National Park. North of Oleo, near Gunnison, is the spectacular Black Canyon of the Gunnison Nation Park. Around the 15th of September is the time of the color change on the Aspen trees, which provide a beautiful and breathtaking view of the foliage around us.


Oleo Ranch is surrounded by National Forrest. We welcome hunters that want quick and easy access to these areas as it is a mere walkable distance from our cabins. We ask that hunters maintain gun safety and are aware of surroundings at the cabins as other guests are around. Also, hunters should follow the law when it comes to game season structure and other hunting regulations set by local government when staying at Oleo Ranch. More information on hunting guidelines and regulations can be found here: https://cpw.state.co.us/thingstodo/Pages/hunt.aspx